Three ways to connect:

1. Crew Mail (please use for letters, cards, baby or wedding announcements/invitations, etc):
Kristin Jack-Sales
M/V Africa Mercy-Crew Mail
P.O. Box 2020
Lindale, TX 75771

  • It will cost me $8.80 to receive a 1lb parcel, please be considerate when sending things via Crew Mail or include cash to cover the cost, thank you!!

2. Container (please use for care packages):
Kristin Jack-Sales
15862 Hwy 110 N
Lindale, TX 75771

  • All items sent via the container are at no cost to me but do take approximately four months to receive so please don’t send chocolate via container (its usually pretty melted and tastes like soap by the time it gets to me)
  • My Amazon Wishlist

3. E-Mail:

Thank you for connecting and blessing me! I love hearing from YOU!

If you are from the UK or Europe and would like to send something please use these addresses:

Kristin Jack-Sales
Strevelsweg 700/317
3083 AS Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Kristin Jack-Sales
p/a De Baanderij
Industriestraat 1
2802 AC Gouda
The Netherlands


3 thoughts on “Contact.

  1. I am a nurse who is feeling called to a mission and am seriously considering a Mercy Ship. Could you put me in contact with a nurse from your ship? I would so appreciate it.

  2. Just saw a picture of you with curls you are so beautiful.. I love you and miss you..I read everything you put upl..Enjoy your life and what you are doing
    . LOVE AND HUGS Grandma

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